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MagiCastles Terms & Conditions


All bouncing castles, bouncing castles with a slide attached & free standing slide, cash grabber and disco

dome will be referred to in this document as “inflatable” or “inflatable(s)”.

I understand, that I am responsible for any accident or injury that may occur to any person or persons

while the inflatable(s) is on hire to me. I am renting this inflatable(s) in the knowledge that MagiCastles

will not be held responsible for accident or injury that may occur to any person or persons while the

inflatable is on hire to me. The inflatable(s) has been set up in a manner that is safe & I am happy that it

is in full working order. All persons using the inflatable(s) must be supervised at all times. Adults should

not attempt at any time to bounce on the inflatable(s). Children should not be left alone on the

inflatable(s) at any time.

Payment for inflatable by cash ON DELIVERY of inflatable(s).

There must be a clear entrance for the inflatable(s) to be brought through to the garden – the

inflatable(s) can also be brought through the house – please ensure a clear passageway through the


No eating or drinking at any time on the inflatable(s). Absolutely no sand or sticky string on inflatable(s).

No animals allowed in the garden while the inflatable(s) is there. (Please make sure if there is animal

pooh in the garden it is cleared before the inflatable is delivered).

Please ensure that the area where the inflatable(s) is going is clear of any garden items such as

swings, trampolines.

No shoes to be worn on the inflatable. (Jewellery can scratch or get lost so it is up to the discretion of

the renter to decide what is appropriate).

No person(s) are allowed to climb on the walls of the inflatable(s). The wall rip very easily – if the walls

are damaged on the collection of the castle – there is a € 50 charge for the repair.

All inflatable’s come with shower proof cover. (Except slide). If there is heavy & persistent showers it is

almost impossible to keep the inflatable(s) dry. If you wish to cancel your order, because of bad

weather, you do not pay.

All inflatables are staked down into the ground – please check the stakes during the day to make sure

they have stayed secure so that children do not trip over them.

If for any reason the inflatable(s) begins to deflate, please get every one of the inflatable(s) and check

that the straps holding the motor onto the tube at the back of the inflatable(s) are secure. If they are

loose, plug out the inflatable, re-tie the straps & plug the inflatable(s) back again. The inflatable should

only be plugged in & out by an adult. Children should not plug the inflatable in & out for fun. If the inflatable

is plugged in & out regularly the tamper switch in the motor will automatically switch the motor off for 1


It is impossible to say exactly how many children should use the inflatable(s) at any given time. It

depends on the age & size of the children. Normally a 12 x12ft & 16 x 14ft with slide, 17 x 15ft with slide

can take between 8 and 10 children, a 15 x 15 ft inflatable can take between 12 & 14 children. The slide

can accommodate approximately two to three children sliding down or bouncing down at one time. The

disco dome can accommodate about 10 to 12 children easily and the cash grabber is one person at a